PeerTalk – Second Mile Project

Support For PeerTalk

The Bradford North Circuit promotes a Second Mile Project as a focus for purposes of awareness raising and fundraising. Projects sponsored over the last ten years have been The Blenheim Project (which worked with vulnerable and homeless women and children), and Methodist Mission Partners working in Haiti. 

The new Second Mile Project is going to offer support to PeerTalk, which offers support to people facing depression and issues relating to mental health. From the PeerTalk website:

PeerTalk’s vision is to establish a UK wide network of volunteer facilitated peer support group meetings for people who experience depression and to offer support to their families.

In addition to establishing peer support group meetings, PeerTalk aims to inform and equip individuals and communities to make a positive response to mental health issues. 

It is often the case that people who experience mental health issues also face difficulties in wider society through discrimination, intolerance and injustice. PeerTalk will seek to inform and equip communities to be confident in supporting people through such issues and enabling the communities to challenge the stigma associated with depression and poor mental health. We do this through promoting a positive narrative around mental health through social media and roadshows.

We believe that everyone has the right to be HEARD and to access appropriate support so that they might know full health and wholeness, enabling them to flourish.

Hope: Inspired by hope, we believe that by working together all might flourish, and enjoy full health and wholeness.
Empathy: An empathic approach is central to our way of working.
Acceptance: We accept people where they are, without judgement.
Respect: Arising from the dignity of every individual, we offer respect to all.
Dignity: We believe in the intrinsic value and dignity of all people. 

Roger Butterfield is a Methodist member in the Bradford North Circuit and a Trustee of PeerTalk. He says:

I have been a Trustee of Peer Talk for over three years. During that time the number of trained volunteers has grown. At the same time the approaches to Peer Talk for help have steadily increased, especially during the last twelve months. Within the Yorkshire West District Peer Talk has well established groups meeting in Batley, Bradford, Settle and Skipton. It is hoped to establish more groups very soon. However, training volunteers, hiring rooms does cost money. The feedback from people who have approached the Trust for support, and from their families, has been excellent.

Depression and poor mental health can be an awful thing – people can feel so alone and not know what to do. Peer Talk gives people the opportunity to come together, talk (if they want to) about their difficulties and everyone attending the groups knows that they are not alone.